Beware those who want to help you

Brace yourselves men. Here is your saviour, Mark Xuereb who lives off your tears. I wonder how many deranged and insecure men he had to listen to it in order to afford that watch.  In any case, Mark Xuereb demands that abortion is allowed only when a woman’s life is at threat and not necessarily when her health is in jeopardy. (Note, the website is funded by the government and is a Labour propaganda mouthpiece.

Mark Xuereb wants to project his moral position on society and feels confident he can do this with the air of someone who knows better than us. He is a psychiatrist, you know, so on morality he should be better positioned to tell us how we should regulate ourselves. And why wouldn’t he? For many years, this man and many others lived off the vulnerabilities of our society. He is part of the very same class of men whose status, power, and influence in society are upheld by the dependency of poor and ignorant people on their own saviours and masters. It is only excessive ignorance and poverty in our society that made people like Lawrence Gonzi, Andrew Azzopardi. the anti-abortion doctors and Mark Xuereb possible. These people have all in common that they want to save you, and given their virtuous mindset they pretend they are given influence and power in our society. Many people suck up to them and view them as their saviors and guiding light. There are many politicians who have this mindset as well, like Rosianne Cutajar and Alison Civelli Zerafa while others, like Evarist Bartolo may have similar pretensions but are more subtle about it. These politicians often have wrong ideas but think they are right by the mere fact of their position in society.

Something incredible is happening to our society, however. Gradually, the power and influence of these people is slipping away and by decriminalising abortion many of these heroes of morality and pseudo-saviorus will lose one of the last symbols of power they keep holding on to dearly: their control over women’s bodies through morality.

Society is also gradually learning that these people are not indispensable and that their power and influence are unwarranted. Politicians should be there to serve the people not to serve themselves. Most of the politicians we have are opportunists and unemployable idiots and are only in politics to save themselves. If doctors and nurses don’t want to perform lifesaving abortions, we can import doctors and nurses from abroad. Many academics like Carmen Sammut are only useful as government lackeys. There are whole sections of previously privileged-people whose worth is being reduced as society grows more intelligent.

Undoubtedly, the most useless members of this privileged class of society are those whose daily work is not actually and tangibly contributive to society in any way. These are the men and women in power and academia who have spent their life gifting ahead without producing anything of value. The useless fools who are too incompetent to make a living on their own and have to seek refuge in politics and in the nepotistic grind of academia to make any money, like Andrew Azzopardi or Rosianne Cutajar. This kind of loser in Malta, I think is a dying breed.


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