Maltese history Archive

SDC10177So, as my latest book, A Materialist Revision of Maltese History: 870-1919 hits the local bookstores (it’s available at Agenda already), I am now beginning to feel humbled by all the messages of support I am receiving from my friends and readers, so thank you. In order to show my appreciation for my readers and friends who are supporting me by buying this book, I am here making publicly available an archive of primary resources which I used for my book. These are some of the important British commission reports I’ve used for my study. If you are a history student or an academic you will find these very useful.

Austin J. and Lewis G.C., commission report published in 1838-1839.

Rowsell F.W., Report on the Taxation of Malta, published in 1877. 

Mowatt F. and Chalmers M.D., commission report published in 1912.