See how obnoxious they become when they have just a little bit of power

Labour is ignoring the pleas of Valletta’s residents and has shot down a motion in parliament to repeal the new regulations which would allow music to be played in Valletta for as long as 1 Am. Probably the regulations will also be abused (as always) and music will be played till later. Labour activists have turned this into a stupid partisan fighting match while the government is bragging about being pro-business.

Meanwhile, Robert Abela’s sister-in-law, Alison Zerafa Civelli who has been given a plum job at the Culture Ministry as some sort of Junior Minister (hilarious) has claimed in parliament that previously, Valletta residents were ashamed to be from Valletta.  So, now apparently, after years of being the “underdogs” against the Nationalist elite, Labour has turned to obnoxious classism whilst it imposes on the country a corrupt and pseudo-pro-business economy. Labour is not pro-business. It’s pro special interests.

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