The farce continues

This is Alison Zerafa Civelli, the sister of the Prime Minister’s wife, Lydia Abela. Alison has successfully exploited Robert’s bandwagon to become a member of parliament. Her sense of entitlement has quickly gone up to the roof as she has been handed a little bit of power for the first time in her life. She recently made an obnoxious speech in Parliament where she with a sense of superiority told Valletta residents that it was only thanks to her Party that they could feel proud of living in Valletta. It’s remarkable what happens to your brain when you live all of your life as a useless nobody and suddenly you find yourself with a little bit of power.

In any case. Here she is again inaugurating a country wall. This is not a parody.

Thank you Alison. How can we have country walls without you? You are what we say a Very Important Person. Congratulations.

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