I was born in Malta in 1988 and I am a historian and Malta’s best-selling author. Today, I write and publish books, run this website, write for Protos.com and plant trees among other activities.

I used to write for the Maltese press and wrote for most of the leading newspapers and magazines in Malta. In 2009 I published “Li Tkisser Sewwi” by Alex Vella Gera and we were both hauled to court over pornography and obscenity charges.  In response, I founded the Front Against Censorship and eventually abolished censorship laws with a bill I wrote with Andrew Sciberras.

In July 2013 I was appointed Executive Chairman of the National Book Council. During my tenure, I reverted the downward trend in book sales at the Malta Book Fair, rebranded it into the Malta Book Festival and achieved, year-on-year all-time highs in book sales. I also changed the National Book Council from a one-employee, low-budget entity, into a fully-fledged professional entity with six employees and a budget of more than €1.5 million yearly. I also introduced Public Lending Rights in Malta, and initiated the first strategic international export campaign of Maltese books and literature with regular participation at multiple foreign books fairs and a regular stand at the London Book Fair. I sold and brokered multiple Maltese authors in translation including Walid Nabhan’s prize-winning novel, “The Exodus of the Storks” to London-based publisher Peter Owen. I have also convened the first Authors’ Congress in Malta.

In addition, I have edited and written various laws which have been approved by parliament including the media and defamation law update with Andrew Sciberras and Ingram Bondin which effectively abolished criminal libel. I also authored laws which have been only partially accepted such as Malta’s legal transposition of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market which I authored with Tim Spiteri.

I was dishonourably discharged from my public work by the Labour administration of Robert Abela in 2021 after I became a critic of government corruption. I was also a Labour Party Delegate.

Today, I write books and other stuff. I have a Master’s in history and I’m also a Phd dropout.

OpenSea: Mark_Peres

Email: markcamilleri@[STOPSPAM]autistici.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mark.camilleri.5/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/markcamilleri5


  1. Ghaziz Sur Camilleri,
    qed infittex informazzjoni rigward Manuel Attard l-ewwel fost il-vittmi tas sette gungio. Kull ghajnuna hi apprezzata.

    Graziella Portelli

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