I was born in Malta in 1988 and I am a historian and Malta’s best-selling author. Today, I write and publish books, run this website, write for Protos.com and plant trees among other activities.

I used to write for the Maltese press and wrote for most of the leading newspapers and magazines in Malta. In 2009 I published “Li Tkisser Sewwi” by Alex Vella Gera and we were both hauled to court over pornography and obscenity charges.  In response, I founded the Front Against Censorship and eventually abolished censorship laws with a bill I wrote with Andrew Sciberras.

In July 2013 I was appointed Executive Chairman of the National Book Council. During my tenure, I reverted the downward trend in book sales at the Malta Book Fair, rebranded it into the Malta Book Festival and achieved, year-on-year all-time highs in book sales. I also changed the National Book Council from a one-employee, low-budget entity, into a fully-fledged professional entity with six employees and a budget of more than €1.5 million yearly. I also introduced Public Lending Rights in Malta, and initiated the first strategic international export campaign of Maltese books and literature with regular participation at multiple foreign books fairs and a regular stand at the London Book Fair. I sold and brokered multiple Maltese authors in translation including Walid Nabhan’s prize-winning novel, “The Exodus of the Storks” to London-based publisher Peter Owen. I have also convened the first Authors’ Congress in Malta.

In addition, I have edited and written various laws which have been approved by parliament including the media and defamation law update with Andrew Sciberras and Ingram Bondin which effectively abolished criminal libel. I also authored laws which have been only partially accepted such as Malta’s legal transposition of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market which I authored with Tim Spiteri.

I was dishonourably discharged from my public work by the Labour administration of Robert Abela in 2021 after I became a critic of government corruption. I was also a Labour Party Delegate.

Today, I write books and other stuff. I have a Master’s in history and I’m also a Phd dropout.

OpenSea: Mark_Peres

Email: markcamilleri@[STOPSPAM]autistici.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mark.camilleri.5/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/markcamilleri5


  1. Ghaziz Sur Camilleri,
    qed infittex informazzjoni rigward Manuel Attard l-ewwel fost il-vittmi tas sette gungio. Kull ghajnuna hi apprezzata.

    Graziella Portelli

    • Hi Ms Graziella Portelli,

      What type of info are you looking for?!
      There are various books published in the melitensia regarding the Sette Giunio….


  2. Worth investigating how the state advocate was installed there, in his early days he had a private practice with EZL and Cardona. Yors might get out of custody soon through a constitutional case.

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