Some Maltese doctors are truly despicable

Doctors in Malta, like lawyers, have enjoyed generations of class privilege and strong influence over the lower classes in the backdrop of poverty and rampant illiteracy. Today, some of our doctors still think they can wield the same influence on society as they did in the 1950s as they ask for sympathy over their ethical dilemmas on abortion. And they want our sympathy despite the fact that they have put women in danger countless of times such as in the example seen below:

The head of the Doctor’s Union, Martin Balzan is barely rational and coherent in his message and visibly he looks more like a corpse in a mortuary than a healthy medical doctor from whom I would be happy to take medical advice. This is the kind of man who would put a woman at risk simply because he feels privileged to impose his non-medical ideas in his practice and to add insult to injury, expects that the law functions according to his bizarre religious and philosophical ideas. Whatever. We have wasted enough time, lives, capital, and energy dealing with these relics of the past. This is not the 1950s and these assholes are not indispensable. There are hundreds and thousands of doctors across the world who would be willing to work at the NHS and provide a better service than these buffoons. These people are no longer special in our society and shouldn’t be allowed to jeopardise the health of women out of their class privilege.

I’m sure that my friends who work in the medical sector agree with me and aren’t taking any offense to what I am saying. My observation is merely factual and not an attack. As noble the medical profession is, there is nothing noble in being a medic and putting your personal beliefs before universal medical practices. The mere idea that a medic would break universal medical practices and experiment his way to a treatment based on personal beliefs is Medievally absurd.

Personally, I don’t even have any sympathy for these buffoons even if the law says that you should do the wrong thing, by putting a woman’s life at risk because the law says so. The “I’m just doing my job” creeps. Getting a job done without agency and despite being a privileged moron to boot. I don’t give a fuck really because these people are not an oppressed class who need sympathy or help. They need to follow the law and universal medical practices and if they don’t like it they can choose to offer services in societies where feudalism still applies.

Oh. don’t worry, I’m not a hypocrite. I rarely use the National Health Service as I undertake most of my medical treatment privately as long as those services are available privately.

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