Irreparable damage to Malta’s foreign standing

This is truly and indeed a government of records: the highest ever public expenditure, the highest ever public debt, the highest number of alleged corruption cases and none of them prosecuted in court), the dumbest ever prime minister and the dumbest ever ministers. Another record is being created as we speak: the record of the irreparable damage made to Malta’s foreign standing.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is exposing a lot of bad actors in Europe right now. A lot of past Putin apologists and corrupt lackeys are being flushed in the toilet as the West goes through its moment of reckoning on its associations with murderous dictators. While other states in Europe are taking a dignified position in Europe’s collective fight for the principle of sovereignty, Prime Minister Robert Abela has successfully used the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the biggest crisis in Europe since World War 2, to expose himself internationally as the corrupt idiot that he is and cause irreparable damage to our international standing. Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister, Evarist Bartolo, played along with Robert Abela and successfully contributed to the reckless idiocy.

The Maltese government is playing a record dumb foreign policy in history by taking a neutral stand that is biased in favour of the Kremlin when Russia has just invaded a sovereign country and is threatening total war. This position was delineated clearly by Evarist Bartolo when he stated that the Maltese government is in favour of a ceasefire, but stopped short of demanding a withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. For more than a week, Robert Abela and Evarist Bartolo kept defending the sale of Maltese passports to Russian oligarchs while the West was busy designing financial and economic disengagement plans from Russia. Eventually, someone forced them to eat their words and shut down the golden passport scheme to Russians and Belorussians. Prime Minister Robert Abela also thought he could get away with pretending to help Ukraine by announcing a ban on Russian flights just after he knew that the EU was going to force it upon him. 

Evarist Bartolo doesn’t seem to understand what is going on in the world and doesn’t seem to even understand what he is saying. He said that none of the Russian buyers of Maltese passports were sanctioned b the EU, but legally they are also Maltese citizens so they can’t even be sanctioned by the EU in the first place and this is the point why the golden passport scheme should be shut down completely and not just for Russians. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has just thought us how dangerous it is for our national security to sell passports to oligarchs coming from dictatorships but Evarist seems to be completely detached from reality. I think he is a completely different person from what he was five years ago, and I think he would have had very different thoughts on what is going on today. But here we are, today, being the total idiots of Europe.

Bartolo also said that many of the Russians who bought Maltese passports are actually dissidents against Putin. This still doesn’t justify the golden passport scheme anyway and still, we should revoke their passports for national security reasons. If they are truly dissidents, they can apply for refugee status just like the many dissidents and victims of war and persecution who are currently on the European waiting lists for asylum. Just because you have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you should be given a different privileged process. Varist, the past communist would have had different taught in his past life, but today he has just become another reckless idiot ruining our country.

And that is not all. One of the Russians who bought a Maltese passport was a client of Robert Abela. Evgeny Filobokov and two other Russians Irina Orlova and Viktor Vashkevich paid bribes totalling to €166,832 to Willerby Trade Inc, the offshore company directed by the corrupt account of the Joseph Muscat cabal, Brian Tonna. So, now we also learn, that our own Prime Minister is potentially involved in corruption with Russian oligarchs with a Maltese passport, and by default is compromising our national security with his conflict of interest.

And then there is the most important aspect we have to keep in mind. Malta is trying to foolishly hedge its bets with Russia during a time when the West is collectively making ever greater efforts to help Ukraine. While the Maltese government sits on the fence and humiliates us in the process with its dumb theatrics, Europeans will look down upon us the next time we are going to have a refugee crisis and we will be left standing by ourselves begging for help with no one taking us seriously.

I cannot stress enough how excessively important it is to vote them out.

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