Insane that this man is being touted for President

What kind of horrible and vile person would you have to be to write an excruciatingly patronising article about the history of Ukraine, just to conclude that Europe has to respect Russia’s security interests? Because, of course, it’s Russia’s security and national interests that we should be concerned about when Russia is threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis as it conducts a genocidal war to wipe out a country from the map. Genius, Varist.

Evarist Bartolo has shown nothing more than absolute incompetence in foreign affairs and gross ignorance of how the world actually works. Days after Russia invaded Ukraine, Evarist Bartolo was defending Malta’s irregular practice of selling Maltese passports to Russians.

I remember very well when Varist was appointed Foreign Affairs Minister. Soon after he was appointed he went on the government state propaganda program conducted by Saviour Balzan, and the host asked Varist what was his competence in foreign affairs. Varist replied by saying that he had always watched the news. Tal-biki.

Now, he is being touted as Gerge Vella’s replacement for Malta’s presidency in what seems to be a proposal to efficiently destroy the last remaining figments of international repute that we have left.

I wonder who will be Varist’s next teacher’s pet once he is appointed to the Presidency. His previous servant, Frank Fabri didn’t end up very well.

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