When you definitely insist you are a total idiot and completely unfit for purpose

Prime Minister Robert Abela wants to make sure to absolutely destroy our reputation and turn us into an international joke. Apart from declaring that Malta will keep selling Maltese passports to Russians because it is ok to do so as long as we do “due diligence”, Robert Abela also told a crowd of supporters, yesterday, how lucky we are as Maltese that we don’t live near Ukraine. because we don’t have an influx of immigrants.

Truly, gracious and statesmanlike. This is not a man, rather someone who has deeply embedded infantile disorders. We are going through historical and trying times where European politicians are being held at extremely high standards while the President of Ukraine risks his life to save his country from an invasion, and our Prime Minister shows no sense of perspective apart from having no empathy at all. Totally, unfit for purpose and a total sham of a Prime Minister.

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