Robert Abela bought €315,000 worth of land in Xewkija in under two years with undeclared capital

Robert Abela (aka, Saddam Hussein) bought two parcels of land in 2022 and 2023 for a total of €315,000 with capital that was undeclared. If this was the case with an ordinary person, an STR would have to be filed to the FIAU by the bank conducting the money transfer as per anti-money-laundering procedures. If the transaction was done in hard cash, then it is a police matter. Really, there is no other explanation for this.

These are Robert Abela’s finances from 2022 to 2023 as per his declaration of assets. As per his declaration of assets for 2022, he had a total of €356,402 in cash and in his declaration of assets for 2023 he declared €388,567 in cash in his bank accounts. His security holdings remained unchanged. I did not find the 2021 document but a Times of Malta report states that the sum of capital had remained somewhat the same, increasing a little, meaning that basically, Robert Abela’s land purchases were made with undeclared capital.

Prime Minister Robert Abela earns a salary of just €65,000 per year, however, his yearly expenditure is most probably higher than his net salary gain given that he takes very long holidays cruising the Mediterranean with his boat.


  1. Kullhadd jithanzer bla misthija imbaghad jilaghbuha difensuri u qrib in-nies ala komunista. Jiena minhiex gahan. Ghandi mohh u dejjem hdimt bl’ghajnuna tal-Hallieq.

  2. Ma jifilhux jithanzru aktar meta hawn tant nies fqar u ahna niehdu loqma u jigi jiftahar. Jekk persuna tmur tpoggi xi haga zghira il bank ikunu iridu jafu bil provi mnejn gibnihom u dawn huma Allat jaghmlu li jridu

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  1. It’s not an allegation. Here are the documents of the land purchases by Robert Abela – Mark Camilleri

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