Robert Abela’s land purchases in Xewkija

Robert Abela made these land purchases in Xewkija in relation to his guest house project which is being reported by The Shift.

In January this year, he made a purchase of around 842 square metres of land from Joseph Debono. The land was purchased for €135,000. In April 2022 he purchased another piece of land of around 500 square metres for a total of €180,000 from Eugene Bajada, Brian Magro, and Micsav Limited. Robert Abela bought the house from a German couple in 2010 for the price of €268,000.

All these purchases were made without a bank loan.


  1. Dawn s sangisugi isibu c cwiec li jpaxxuhom! Tghid ma mmurx inbigh bicca art jew dar ghal cucata! Imma kullhadd mejjet ghal qatra!

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