This is Lydia Abela’s Bank of Valletta bank account which Robert Abela made use of to to pay for land purchases

Lydia Abela

Ever since Robert Abela laundered drug proceeds of drug dealers like Christian Borg, Robert Abela made use of his wife’s Bank of Valletta account to make large payments and undeclare his wealth. He also made use of his wife’s account to purchase land in Xewkija.

Lydia Abela’s bank account number with BOV is 40022077250 with its branch located in Valletta.

The FIAU has never received an STR over Robert Abela’s bank transfers (from his wife’s accounts), as should have been the case according to AML procedures.

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  1. The first thing Muscat & Co did was remove the spouse’s financials from the MP’s asset declaration requirement. That’s why Egrant. That’s why since that day, MPs and Ministers can make the same no change income/asset declaration each year while using their spouse acts as their nominee administrator/owner of other sources of new “income and acquisitions”.

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