It’s not an allegation. Here are the documents of the land purchases by Robert Abela

Lydia Abela

Some media sources are quoting my story on Robert Abela’s land purchases with undeclared capital as “allegations” – they are not. Here below I am providing the documents of the land purchases by Robert Abela.

Robert also made use of his wife’s bank account to make payments for these purchases and he has a very long history of using his wife’s bank account to undeclare his earnings and capital.

You can easily calculate Robert Abela’s savings and net wealth by his declaration of assets. As per AML procedures, the land purchases should have triggered an STR filing by the bank conducting the money transfers, but this filing was never made.

Land purchase 1

Land purchase 2


  1. What do the Ministerial rules and income declaration form state? If there is a Community of Acquests between a couple, does a Minister have to declare his wife’s income and holdings as well?

  2. Mark, is really Lydia Abela living in Xewkija? Or are they planning to defraud the CFR from capital gains tax once they sell the Xewkija property taking advantage of the residence exemption? I can see no other reason why her ID card identifies her residence as Xewkija.

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