Sandra Gauci to be elected ADPD leader next Saturday

Things are slightly better in the Maltese political landscape with a stronger third party that actually has a chance of capturing one-third of the non-voting electorate.

Carmel Cacopardo is to resign as leader of ADPD in the party’s Annual General Meeting next Saturday. The only contender for the leadership is Sandra Gauci, the current deputy leader, and MEP candidate. Sandra Gauci is a teacher of Italian and recently a satirical comedian and freelance writer. I also interviewed her during the last general elections campaign. She has a weekly show where she comments on current events and is very active in the political scene. Some of her positions include more regulation for the construction industry, an increase in the minimum wage, the preservation of what remains of Malta’s green spaces, tougher enforcement on crime and illegalities and she is also pro-choice. Basically, she has the most sensible positions you would expect from a mother in politics – basic and common sense that safeguard society its security, and its values.

With Sandra’s leadership of ADPD, the party will have a chance to become more relevant and more active in civil society as it hopefully breaks away from its stagnant and passive style of doing politics. Despite all the good intentions of Carmel Cacopardo and his colleagues, they have been failing over and over again by simply repeating the same thing. Sandra will bring new hope to the party and a new direction and hopefully more people will join it to help her in the huge task she has ahead of her.


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