Now you know why the dictator wanted to introduce the “right to privacy”

Readers of this website may remember that Robert Abela tried to impose an authoritarian press reform on the press which among many items included the ban on the publication of private matters. Such a reform would have made the publication of the Rosianne and Yorgen chats illegal, irrespective of any court decree.

In my book Rent Seeker’s Paradise, I made a short explanation of why it is important to know about politicians in terms of their private lives. For example, it is not in the public interest to know what a private person does in his or her private life but it is definitely in the public interest to know if a politician is visiting sex-workers or taking cocaine in the restroom with a local businessman.

To put the record straight I have a wealth of information on the private lives of our politicians including on Robert Abela and the people close to him. So far I have been very discrete and always published what I think is absolutely necessary to be published in the public interest. On this matter, I have always practised a conservative approach with a bias on the side of discretion. However, we should not let Robert Abela and his band of criminals dictate to us what we can publish or not in terms of what they think is their own private life.

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  1. Mark, the Labour Party is a criminal organisation just as you described. Please do stay safe. The best guarantee to your safety is the information that you hold. Write all that you know in one document and threaten that you will publish it if anything happens to you. Share it with someone that you trust to do so in the worst case scenario. Share this idea in an article and pin it at the top of your blog. That way you will become untouchable.

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