Knives are out

Evarist Bartolo wants the Labour Party to change. The man who sees himself as a wise pastor has woken from his slumber. What’s interesting though that this time around he was attacked directly by Konrad Mizzi’s own little servant, Alex Cutajar.

Joseph Muscat’s mafia is now probably in panic as they see their place and relationship with the Labour Party compromised and vulnerable with the Rosianne and Yorgen chat revelations. They are in a panic as they experience the real-life consequences of their actions, so knives are out. The more that is revealed about Joseph Muscat’s mafia, the more the Labour Party will tear itself apart. This is just the beginning and the worst is yet to come and many of them will act like rats in a corner.


  1. It’s not that Alex Cutajar was wrong in describing Varist. It’s that it is mostly how Daphne described Varist.

    Alex Cutajar is using Daphne’s truth. Labour is in meltdown.

    • He is probably right describing other people’s inconsistencies, but what about his own in regards to Konrad Mizzi?

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