Only sociopaths and psychopaths use children to justify their evil

Only sociopaths and psychopaths use their own children as props and tools for their own evil schemes, especially when parents use their children to cover themselves from serious allegations of corruption and criminal conspiracy. And there’s another thing which makes Robert Abela and Rosianne Cutajar use children as an excuse for their corruption. Labour has so far enjoyed total impunity while Robert Abela is the kind of person who has never experienced the reality of negative consequences brought by his actions.

This is a new reality for the Labour Party: a reality where consequences matter. Now that once again after 2019 the Labour Party starts experiencing material consequences for their actions, they are once again panicking and going on the offensive. They don’t know how to deal with real-life consequences so they will blame everyone but themselves and use their children as shields. They are so narcisstic, infantile and entitled that they they think it is unacceptable to face any negative consequence for their own actions. Our government is made up of a bunch of sociopathic and narcissistic infants.

These people make me sick. They have no honour and are totally disgraceful. They aren’t even worthy as adversaries.

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