Only the government is moderate – everyone else is an extremist

We remember very well how Joseph Muscat and his friends, including his asinine and vacuous consultant, Robert Abela used to accuse Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil of extremism for his fight against corruption. Well, today, Robert Abela doesn’t have any regrets about accusing others of “extremism” when Joseph Muscat went to historical extremes with corruption and conspiracy, he even wants to own this ad hominem argument and make it his oratorial trademark. Robert Abela, today is doing the same thing he did before when served his crooked master and is calling the Opposition “extremists.

What would you expect from an imbecile dictator? Since the national crisis of 2019, supposedly the Labour Party has changed and has become more accepting of rule-of-law, but this is actually the opposite of what has happened. The Labour Party is changing into a party of the far-right with totalitarian instincts.

One of the hallmarks of authoritarian governments is to condemn all of their opponents as extremists or terrorists, or as those who would destabilise the country. When the government says that everyone who criticises it is an extremist, the opposite is most probably true. We are in a situation where Labour politicians and government ministers have adopted Robert Abela’s authoritarian discourse to the extent that even they accuse anyone who criticise them of being an extremist. Take Byron Camilleri and Miriam Dalli, for example – both of them are involved indirectly or directly in covering up corruption and the wreckage of the rule of law which supposedly we had to restore, but they accuse anyone of criticising them as an “extremist”. Labour is not restoring rule-of-law: it’s building a dictatorship. Anyone who disagrees is an extremist and will be treated as such.

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