Everyone is an extremist

Are you a government critic? An activist, and independent journalist? Are you concerned about the environment and the direction of the country? Are you concerned about impunity, reckless government spending and an overbuilt environment?

Well, sorry then you are an extremist.

Repubblika is an NGO which is taking the authorities to task over corruption and is currently involved in a court case challenging the inaction of the police over a magisterial inquiry which instructed the police to prosecute people over money laundering at the Pilatus Bank. Just recently, the Minister of the Interior, Byron Camilleri accused Repubblika of being an extremist organisation. This comes after the Energy Minister, Miriam Dalli called Moviment Graffitti activists “extremists”, as well.

Here’s an extreme for the Minister of the Interior to ponder about. The authorities seem to be very liberal in using bulldozers when the culprits seem to be illegal immigrants, but we can’t tolerate such treatment with regards to Joseph Portelli’s massive illegalities, especially since he gives a lot of money to the washing machine of ONE can we?

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