An imbecile’s extremes

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

Miriam Dalli’s “extremism” comments directed at environmentalists during a recent debate didn’t age quite well. Days later, Moviment Graffitti cleared Comino’s Blue Lagoon of the irregular deckchairs after it was expropriated illegally. Moviment Graffitti basically proved that our government isn’t even capable of enforcing basic rules and regulations as it prefers to run Malta with a jungle rules system where the strongest steal the most. Comino is basically a dry and rocky islet but the Minister of Tourism wants to make it “sustainable”. Practically what the Minister of Tourism wants to say is that they want to hand over the islet to hotel developers and increase the number of properties there. Hili Ventures plans to re-develop Comino Hotel and add new villas to the area and issued €80 million in bonds for this venture. The Minister of Tourism uses idiotic statements to make their plans sound clever. The imbecile sounds like Miriam Dalli as he assumes that his audience is stupid enough to believe him and respect him.

We couldn’t have a more laughable idiocracy, although our tragedy requires tears and anger. These imbeciles feel empowered and entitled as they are elected into office on the back of a massive propaganda machine and hundreds of millions of Euros of corrupt contracts used to buy votes and curry favours. There is nothing meritocratic in their office. The government runs the country by fraud and deceit and this is the extremity that we live in today. This is why we see our public spaces reduced on a daily basis while the government allows the destruction of our country with incredibly stupid projects. The extremes of today include a government which normalises corruption, the destruction of our environment, the levelling of our living standards, the destruction of our agriculture sector and practically turning Malta into a third-world country with over-priced and shabby apartment buildings.

Miriam Dalli will be remembered as the most incompetent and idiotic energy minister we have had in history. During the worst energy crisis in recent history, Miriam Dalli gave the leadership of Enemalta to incompetent propagandists. Meanwhile, she is basically doing nothing to address the energy situation. She had two years to prepare for the energy crisis. When oil was at 0 Dollars, our government failed to take any action to buy energy supplies and now that oil and gas are skyrocketing, the government is literally spending hundreds of millions of Euros a week in subsidies to keep energy prices low for consumers. The incompetence and the sheer irresponsibility with public money are astonishing, to say the least. Miriam Dalli doesn’t want to tell us at what prices the government is buying energy. It’s a state secret, she said and not in our interest to now.

An imbecile is an imbecile because her extremes start with reason and logic. Like an imbecile, Miriam Dalli finds reason and logic “extreme”. Extreme indeed to her mental faculties. Today, she wants to fix the energy problem by covering up Malta’s agricultural land with solar panels. Malta’s green revolution.

Welcome to idiocracy.

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