Slavery and greed under Labour

Following yesterday’s report about the Indian slave recruitment company, RecruitGiant, someone pointed out to me that the administrative expenses are actually labour costs for the drivers it hires. RecruitGiant is the company hiring Indian slave-workers to deliver food for the likes of Bolt Food.

There’s also another interesting fact. RecruitGiant is fully owned by Tomas Mikalauskas who, despite hiring workers that receive wages below the minimum wage with allegedly fraudulent agreements, Tomas Mikalauskas, basically pocketed all of the company’s profits for 2019 and 2020 himself: €440,840. There isn’t even any attempt to layer the business model into something more presentable than a literal slave-wage-rent-seeking business. And apart from the ethics, it’s also horribly in bad taste.

The brazen greed of this chap. So, basically, Tomas Mikalauskas is pocketing around a third of all the income of the delivery drivers he hires with another third going for wages and another third to pay for taxes. All of this, is of course, highly irregular and most probably illegal given the working conditions of the hired workers.

How about that for the rent-seeking paradise?

L-aqwa żmien għadu ġej ħbieb. Viva l-Labour.

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