Robert Abela went to the PES Congress and lied blatantly in front of everyone

Sanchez while Robert was speaking, apparently looked as if he was going to fall down on his back.

At the end of last week, Prime Minister Robert Abela attended the yearly European Party of European Socialists Congress which was held in Berlin. Robert spoke on a panel along with the Swedish, Portuguese and Spanish Prime Minister, Eva Magdalena Andersson,  António Costa and Pedro Sanchez.

Throughout his discourse, Robert Abela made a series of blunders and shameful and outright lies. He starts by describing the event of Daphne’s murder, as “the death of a journalist” without mentioning her name. He then proceeds to say a gross and shameful lie saying that since 2020 the government embarked on a number of reforms on rule-of-law which as a result saw the conviction of three men who murdered her.

For those who know the story very well, allow me the time to explain to those who don’t what really happened. The three men who have just been convicted had been tried before Robert Abela even came to power and were in fact tried when Joseph Muscat was still in office. Indeed, the mafia and Joseph Muscat’s office attempted to put the blame exclusively on the prosecuted trigger-men while going to great lengths to cover up those who commissioned them.

I’m genuinely surprised that Robert Abela would go to such an extent of lying, unashamedly to the whole world. Why does he think that he can get away with it? He probably thinks that the world works by the rules of his own village world and therefore, assumes he can pull up any script and still be respected and adored. The reality is quite different.

Politicians like Sanchez, may greet and speak to him on friendly terms, but diplomats, technocrats and bureaucratic chiefs are watching and taking notes. Back home and in their offices they will make their own assessments. How would such an assessment be concluded if its subject is an unashamed liar? Is Robert Abela even aware of himself?

He then makes a mockery of himself by attempting to take a virtuous stand on the Russian invasion of Ukraine which he repeatedly describes as the “Russian and Ukraine issue”. He says “We fully support Ukraine, BUT”, as he points his finger up while making a strong emphasis on the “but”, hence the capitalization, and he then goes on a litany about peace and that efforts should be made to bring peace between Ukraine and Russia.

Who does he really think he is? All the panellists before him made strong statements on supporting Ukraine to win the war, and suddenly the man who minutes earlier explained why Malta had “a dead journalist” is asking European nations to make efforts to bring peace between Russia and Ukraine. Did Robert Abela ask Ukrainians whether he is allowed to speak on their behalf? I am not so sure. I am absolutely sure, however, that he was friends with the Russians and also that his Foreign Minister kept speaking to the Russians even after the war broke out.

Robert’s concluding remarks were about Europe’s lack of solidarity with Malta regarding immigration flows from Libya. He also mentioned there was no European solidarity with Malta over energy. I’m sure, that after throwing the Ukrainians into the “peaceful” bin of historical surrender and defeat, Eastern Europe will rush to your help and support. I’m also absolutely sure, it is a very opportune moment to mention the lack of solidarity on illegal immigrants when you are importing third-country nations to deliver your food and clean your hotel rooms, while at the same time, refusing to initiate rescue operations at sea and letting immigrants drownMalta is full-up, the government tells us, as a slave labourer imports its 1000th employee. And what an excellent and brilliant idea it is to plead for solidarity on a problem which you have solved by simply not initiating rescue missions while Europe is going through a hybrid war against Russia and Ukrainians are dying every day in an unjust war against them.

What a total embarrassment abroad and a disaster at home. Robert Abela is a perfect example of when idiocy is dangerous and cruel.

And also, why does Robert Abela has to always stand up as if he has something sticking up his arse? His appearance and manners look so Medieval.

He’s like a Medieval village chief.

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