Some interesting facts on Indian slaver RecruitGiant

Here are some very few quick facts about the Indian slaver, RecruitGiant which has been reported to have been importing slave-workers from India to deliver food for Maltese catering establishments.

The company’s sales exploded during the Covid lockdown of 2020 and despite being a company where supposedly its operations are automated, it still spent more than €600,000 in administrative costs, however, the annual report doesn’t delineate what these costs were.

The company also paid €440,840 in dividends to its shareholders in 2020.

Times of Malta has reported that the company may be engaged in fraudulent behaviour in its employment practices apart from the fact that its payment system with workers getting paid below the minimum wage is also most probably illegal. The highly irregular practice has been going on for years and the authorities don’t have an opinion about it.

I have linked the company’s annual report below for anyone who would like to download it. The report costs five Euros to download from the Malta Business Registry (ridiculous information barriers), however, employees should have unfettered access to the information of the company which is abusing them.

The annual report for 2021 has not yet been uploaded.



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