Michael Zammit Tabona pays Labour a minimum €100,000 every year

Hotelier and owner of the Captain Morgan ferry service Michae Zammit Tabona has come out against capping visitors to Comino. He describes the proposal as “communist”.

There is nothing communist in protecting sensitive environment areas by capping visitors. Zammit Tabona doesn’t agree though cos he only thinks about making money at any cost even if it’s by jungle rules and by ruining natural areas.

On the issue of Comino the Labour government is taking the side of Michael Zammit Tabona and won’t implement capping nor try to organize Comino into a natural park which could be conserved and developed further for future generations.

Do you know why?

Michael Zammit Tabona pays the Labour Party at least €100,000 per year, but the figure is probably much higher.

Would you like to save Comino and make sure it is enjoyed by future generations? Pay €100,000 to Labour and then you will have the chance to make your proposals to the Prime Minister.

Mafia State.

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