Germany keeps lying while dragging Europe into the gutter

Unterzeichnung des Koalitionsvertrages der 20. Wahlperiode des Bundestages

Germany is dragging Europe into the gutter with lies and stubborn ignorance during these testing times. The Euro went below Dollar parity last week and the European Central Bank has very few tools available to address the situation. The Euro’s pain is mainly coming from inflation and structural economic issues, namely the European energy crisis. Germany is exacerbating the energy crisis as it delusionally keeps up its plans to close down its nuclear plants. Its delusional green policies to keep away from nuclear has even backfired to the extent that Germany is firing up more coal to offset the lack of gas supplies. This article provides a concise description of how the German Greens have been lying and deceiving the public about energy, nuclear and Russian gas.

The current German Foreign Minister is also the leader of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock, who has a firm position against sending weapons to Ukraine. After spending a career lying to the German public with illusions of “US imperialism” and the dangers of nuclear energy (tsunamis in Bavaria, maybe), Baerbock, today is lying about the Russian war in Ukraine, telling the German public that “we may not have the power to stop the war in Ukraine”. Ukraine has repelled a Russian invasion and is now fighting off the Russians with toy guns and literally 8 missile launchers donated from the US, but apparently, according to Baerbock, who understands the war more than the Ukrainians themselves, Germany can’t do anything to help stop the war. It’s a cynical and sociopathic view which expresses indifference and conceited self-interest. Europe can indeed stop the war in Ukraine, only that it does not want to. Baerbock has a history of lying and fraud, such as when she had to retrieve a book she wrote from circulation after pages of it were found to be plagiarised. Today, she aims for the German chancellory, and she may have a very good chance considering how the polls are doing.

The German Greens haven’t changed their position on nuclear power despite the fact that they going ahead with rationing energy consumption next Winter and despite having to use more coal. Their idea of Ukraine is to keep it as a permanent warzone while they keep subsidising Putin’s war with oil and gas purchases.

Europe may wake up to a very rude awakening when it realises that the German Greens are going to wreck Europe out of their stubborn ignorance.

Rest in peace Euro.


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