Some people never get tired of rent-seeking

Edward Zammit Tabona. Source: MaltaToday.

Michael Zammit Tabona’s nephew, Edward who takes care of the family business including Captain Morgan is currently promoting a new company called GEB Landscaping Malta. The company was founded in March this year by directors who are involved in companies owned by the Zammit Tabonas such as Ozo Group of Companies (Frank Muscat, son of Mario Muscat of the Ozo Group).

Landscaping in Malta is basically a business which is paid for by public funds. It is also a highly concentrated market with plenty of contractors competing for the same public contracts. Now, amongst these competitors for public funds, there will also be the Zammit Tabonas with their business empire whose founder, Michael, funds the Labour Party with at least €100,000 every single year.

Are you having a hard time making profits during the recession? Don’t worry, uncle Michael got you covered. Form a landscaping company and we’ll try to get some public contracts.



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