On my arrest and Rosianne etc…

Today, the court has ordered that I appear under arrest in a case which was brought by Rosianne Cutajar. This is for a criminal complaint Rosianne made which however is equivalent to a contravention. The fine (paid to the state) would be around €100 if found guilty.

Rosianne also opened another court case. The other case is a civil libel case that Rosianne brought forward and carries a maximum of €10,000 in damages which would be paid to her. I am confident I have the evidence which prove my claims and therefore Rosianne won’t get anything from me. She is bringing these cases forward believing they are serving her as a means for reputation laundering, but I am confident that eventually, it will backfire against her.

What is exceptionally problematic in all of this is that the police chose to accept taking in Rosianne’s criminal complaint knowing very well that my claims are true because they also have the same evidence that I do. The police and the attorney-general have the discretion in interpreting whether a crime has been committed and with regard to Rosianne’s criminal complaint, and they seem to agree with her that I committed a crime for calling her out to resign for her corruption.  Here is why this is a perversion of justice.

Rosianne Cutajar’s libel case against me is about my claim that she has had an intimate relationship with Yorgen Fenech. She was also bribed by Yorgen Fenech and defended his corruption with the Joseph Muscat cabal in Malta’s parliament and also abroad. She was also censored by the Council of Europe for calling out against a public inquiry on Daphne’s murder while she had an undeclared relationship with Yorgen Fenech.

We have a justice system skewed in favour of the powerful while the attorney-general and the police have so far covered up for the mafia. Rosianne Cutajar is liable for various criminal prosecutions including bribery, money laundering and tax evasion.  She has not been charged for these activities.

As for my next steps, I am planning to appear in court and make several public appearances in Malta and I will give further information about my appearances later on. For sure I will be announcing a book signing session.


  1. I am right behind you. So, I am sure, are many others. Thank you, Mark, for your courage and persistence.

  2. Please don’t stop writing about freemasonry and the illegitimate power it wields on society and our institutions

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