While Metsola goes to Davos, our government makes fools of us abroad

Neutrality is not an exportable principle because it’s a reaction to an existing or potential conflict. For neutrality to exist, there needs to be a conflict between at least two sides. If all the world becomes neutral, it doesn’t become neutral, it either goes to one side or another. Nations which in history have always chosen to remain neutral have often been small countries which could not withstand or survive a conflict, such as small states.  The world is by far more complex than what our government bureaucrats expect, however government bureaucrats can’t get simple logic right. They choose instead to shame us by promoting their rubbish ideas abroad.

Chris Cutajar, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to be quite in line with the rest of the Labour’s top brass on foreign policy: they have literally no idea what’s going on in the world. They think that dealing and trading with Russia on neutrality pretences fosters peace and understanding. That’s why they also don’t see a problem with the fact that China owns up to a third of our national electricity grid. By neutrality, they genuinely think it is ok to do business with anyone about everything.

I would suggest readers read my articles on neutrality linked above to get a clear picture of what I am talking about. These are the idiots who presume that had Ukraine remained “neutral”, Russia would have never invaded. They naively think, from their insular little village mindset, that the world works fairly and on their own terms. They think that because we are neutral and that because it has worked for us, it can work for anyone else.

However, those of us who live in the real world, know that it doesn’t work that way. We know that power is a deterrent, and it is rather weakness that provokes. You can apply this principle to any case of violence: from full-scale war to domestic violence and femicide. Men beat women because they are physically stronger and think they can get away with it. Russia invaded Ukraine thinking it was going to get a quick victory only to surprisingly be thwarted by a population which was ready to die for its freedom. The only way Russia will be forced into long-lasting peace is not by acceding territory or trading with it: that would give Putin a victory and justify his war by default. Russia has to be defeated to the extent that it can never in its future launch another invasion. For a world to be a more peaceful and just place, Russia needs to lose its military capability to launch invasions.

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