The astonishing abuse of the law by Rosinne Cutajar

Rosianne Cutajar

Rosianne Cutajar’s abuse of power has been discussed already and extensively, however, what hasn’t been discussed is her astonishing and shameless abuse of the law. Rosianne Cutajar sued me over the publication of her story with Yorgen Fenech in A Rent Seeker’s Paradise. When Rosianne sued me, she knew I was right and that she was guilty. She also knew that I had the evidence about her and indeed, I started publishing it gradually already in late 2021.  Yet, she ploughed forth with her libel case because she genuinely believed she was going to have her way and that she was powerful enough to use the law according to her own terms and ends despite the fact that the she was wrong and guilty all the time.

Astonishing. If anything, the saga of NuxellinaLeaks shows that our legal system is still skewed in favour of politicians when it comes to libel, and Labour wants to make it even worse. There is more, however. Rosianne even filed a criminal complaint against me alleging that I was threatening her when I demanded that she should resign. The problem here is this. Rosianne is not just a total imbecile. She is also politically entitled to the extent that she expects that the law protects her despite the fact that she is a criminal and knows very well that she is guilty and there is evidence damning her.

Rosianne’s abuse of the law doesn’t end there. Now, that I have presented the evidence that she herself has compelled me to present, she filed a request to the court to have me investigated for presenting evidence that was barred from publication by court order. Now, she refuses to show up in court saying she was sick, only to show up the following day in a cafe taking photos for her Instagram timeline.

Here’s what a proper press reform would entail. Politicians who lose libel cases have to pay the equivalent amount of damages prescribed by libel law to the individual accused of libel. Well, you know where this is going. There is no mechanism in Maltese law that prevents this kind of abuse neither provisions that compensate journalists for having been unjustly harassed by vexatious legal cases and criminal reports. So, when all of this is done and dusted, I will be pursuing all legal means possible to make Rosianne Cutajar pay me for damages, apart of course, from ensuring that she is also criminally investigated. So, she can fail to attend the libel case as much as she likes and she can even drop it, but I assure everyone, that it is not going to end there. Maybe, it may be better for her to keep the libel case ongoing to keep that 1% probability of winning something, at least a rebuke by the courts against me for being so expletive, breaching her privacy or whatever.


  1. Rosianne Cutajar acts like a rich spoilt rotten brat and the Socialist Partit Laburista protects her


  2. Whoever in power allows Members of Parliament the freedom of abuse and impunity is an accomplice. Not only, in Malta we have politicians covering each others’ backs.

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