Focusing on the future

The rumours that Roberta Metsola may have a chance at the Commission are not based on any fundamental reality given that Ursula von der Leyen still has the support of her party and the Germans are already juggling cabinet positions in exchange for the status-quo. Roberta Metsola may more probably be nominated for her post yet again since the priority will be to retain continuity. Retaining continuity in the leadership of the EU’s institutions will also show the Russian enemy that Europe will remain consistent in its unity against its aggression.

Europe would do much better with an EU Commissioner who is more hawkish and more competent than Ursula con der Leyen, but I am resigned to the reality that she will most probably make a second term. I will be honoured however to vote for Roberta Metsola because, for the first time, I can vote for a Maltese politician in Europe who is making a serious contribution to global politics as opposed to shuffling laws sent to you as an MEP for opinions that eventually do not even get the approval of the Council. And it’s different from voting for Alex Agius Saliba or the other Labour village politicians. Voting for Metsola is also voting for Europe and its values, the support to Ukraine and the perseverance of the international rules-based order as opposed to international gangsterism.

Metsola is also Malta’s hope for its restoration of rule of law and the modernisation of our State and society. Voting for her in the next MEP elections would amplify the voice of the Maltese in European affairs by showing that we care, but it would also set the foundations and hope for Malta’s future political movement which will overturn Labour’s autocracy and one-party State.

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