The National Library reduces its services to researchers

Robert Abela’s head of the civil service, Tony Sultana, doesn’t understand that he is not a politician and supposedly should practice discretion at work rather than touring government departments and entities simply to participate in staged photo shoots. He hasn’t even made a term into his office and is already fantasising about a political career. Tony Sultana is an archetype of the Fantozzian executive bureaucrat, and Robert Abela made him the chief of the civil service – this should be expected given that Abela is only able to surround himself with imbeciles like himself.

Here’s a recent reform at the National Library. The reading room of the National Library is closed to researchers and only open to tourists. Researchers have to book an appointment to use the reading room and send their requirements in advance as opposed to searching the card index and ordering from the counter.

Welcome to Labour “L-Aqwa fl-Ewropa” or, the small consequences of the Village Mafia running the show.

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