The man who wrote an anonymous letter

I’m not inferring anything.

Just rephrasing Keith Schembri’s doctor.

But I also find it hard to believe that the constituency of NGO Repubblika would include anyone near resembling someone who would send a threatening letter to a magistrate. Most of them on Facebook seem to be middle-aged mothers who like gardening, cats and dogs. Hardly the profile of a gangster.

On the other hand, plenty of gangsters are still roaming free. Did the police find out who was the person who left a threatening message just outside the courts? Supposedly, one would think that the guilty party could easily be found given all the CCTVs in the area.

On the other hand, I don’t find Magistrate Nadine Lia credible, at all. She could have taken the sensible decision to recuse herself from the Pilatus Bank case which involves Joseph Muscat, but there is clearly no shame by the magistrate in delivering justice to her foremost political allies and her father’s client.

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