Malta’s Presidency of the UN Security Council is being used to whitewash Russia

Malta has so far successfully kept its very close relationships with Russia out of international controversy. Although official figures show that there is very little trade going on between Malta and Russia, the reality is that thousands of Russians have purchased Maltese passports over the years and Malta also has its own little Russian enclave in Sliema near Tigne Point where many Russians and oligarchs own properties. Malta along with Greece was the least cooperative country in seizing Russian assets and Prime Minister Robert Abela is also compromised with a past of dirty dealings with Russian oligarchs.

So, it comes as no surprise that Malta’s presidency of the United Nations Security Council is being used to whitewash the Russian genocide and war crimes in Ukraine. The Maltese diplomats call Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “a conflict” basically using the same terminology as Russian diplomats. Remarkably, Vanessa Frazier made a speech on child victims in wars and did not mention Ukrainian children, who are currently victims of a wide systematic kidnapping operation organized on a Russian federal-state level. What Russia is doing to Ukrainian children is an explicit breach of the Geneva convention.

There are no surprises that China is looking to work with Malta at the UNSC. Robert Abela is a Russian asset and he has positioned Malta’s foreign affairs into the camp of authoritarian states.

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