Ambassador to Ireland Giovanni Buttigieg is lobbying to take Vanessa Frazier’s post

Labour is currently on a roll with the total capture of state institutions. The unashamed take-over of state institutions by incompetent Labour propagandists goes on unabated on a daily basis. Our public companies, infrastructure, energy sector and cultural institutions are all run by government propagandists. The diplomatic corps is also being turned into a big Labour club. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Evarist Bartolo sought to sideline career diplomats to replace them with Labour stooges. Bartolo even appointed that crook Emmanuel Mallia as ambassador to the UK. Bartolo’s exit from politics ended with a disgraceful apology for Russian oligarchs who buy Maltese passports.

The new Freogin Affairs Ministerr, Ian Borg has so far taken a more curious approach and refused so far to make any statements which may have jeapordised our global standing, however, the take-over of Labour’s diplomatic corps seems to be running its course. Ambassador to Ireland, Giovanni Buttigieg who was appointed without going through the usual procedure is currently lobbying Ian Borg to take Vanessa Frazier’s post as the head of Malta’s Permanent Representation to the UN.  Frazier is a career diplomat with a somewhat successful track record. I am not here to praise her and there is nothing about her career that merits my great attention and praise, yet she is still at least, an ordinary career diplomat as opposed to an incompetent Labour stooge. Giovanni Buttigieg was transferred from Malta’s Council of Science and Technology to Malta’s CHOGM’s unit which was then led by another Labour appointee, Phyllis Muscat (bizarrely, she heads a cultural entity, today). Malta’s CHOGM unit was a collective of incompetent Labour stooges who had no particular skills and could not possibly serve in a productive way in any other department. Back then it also included Rosianne Cutajar.

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