This could be Malta’s Prime Minister

This could be Malta’s Prime Minister. Roberta Metsola is sitting on a panel in Davos with Bill Bowder, the Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte, ECB President Christine Lagarde and others whom I can not recognise.

While Roberta Metsola was discussing global politics with the some of the most important people in the world, our chief rent-seeker, Robert Abela was in a meeting with members of the European Parliament getting scrutinised for his (lack of) reforms on rule of law.

The contrast is amazing, yet horribly frightening as a testament of our nation’s decay.

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  1. Replacing an incompetent red neoliberal with a blue neoliberal with a hedge-fund manager endorsement, how exciting! While the country continues to slowly implode, we can then all rest assured that, at least, foreigners say nice things about the new dear leader.

    The real testament of our nation’s decay is that the best we can come up with is a less pious version of Lawrence Gonzi.

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