If you don’t know you shouldn’t be there

Aaron Farrugia

When Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Aaron Farrugia was questioned about Transport Malta’s contract awarded to the company owned by the alleged fraudster and criminal, Christian Borg, he replied with the typical “I don’t know” and “we have to respect the courts” answer. His answer is wrong as I explained previously.

The case Aaron Farrugia is talking about is a civil case between Christian Borg’s company and another third party. Any government functionary from the managerial to the ministerial level who is (and should be) aware of the basic mechanics of public administration would know that the government is still in its right to institute any civil cases it deems fit. In addition, tendering boards do not need judicial decisions to make executive decisions and disqualify bidders in any course of the stage of the process especially if new information comes in which compromises the process altogether.

This is also what happens when many of the public functionaries in the civil service are political hacks rather than technocrats who are willingly serving the public’s interest. Our institutions can’t even defend themselves from a low-time Labour-linked criminal. And this is also why Labour will keep wrecking the economy and our society while losing votes and support. This rent-seeking extravagance and outright fraud and stupidity are taking place at a time when more than ever we need the adults in the room.

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