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Normalising Corruption

Credit to MaltaToday

In order to understand Robert Abela’s government, one has to understand the mentality and the ideas (or lack of) of Robert Abela himself. As a village lawyer, Robert Abela is not a complex person and his politics are very dumb and straightforward. In my latest book, I give a concise description and definition of a robot bureaucrat which also suits Robert Abela perfectly well.

In a podcast with Jon Mallia, Matthew Caruana Galizia spoke about the undoing of Joseph Muscat’s corrupt regime. In practical terms, this means that previous corrupt agents and actors have to leave their government posts or resign from parliament apart from being investigated for their past actions. As of now, this process has been done exclusively by civil society and the Labour Rebels in 2019 as Robert Abela has shied away from rehabilitating the Labour Party’s image by conserving previous corrupt actors and agents within its ranks and in government positions. Konrad Mizzi’s resignation from Labour’s parliamentary group was an inevitable fallout of the 2019 crisis and not part of a cleansing act by the new leadership. Whoever survives the political and legal battle will remain in power as long as political convenience is not compromised.

Therefore, it is inevitable that there is still a clash against Labour and the government with those who still want to see a normal state and government. We are back to the days of Lawrence Gonzi’s mantra “go to the police if you have evidence for corruption”, which is the same kind of mantra which enabled John Dalli to be appointed as European Commissioner and eventually lead to the biggest political crisis in our history in 2019 after the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia triggered the collapse of Joseph Muscat’s government.

This is why the Justice Minister is handling justice reforms instead of being hauled to court for the gifts given to him by Yorgen Fenech in what seems to be a prima fascia act of corruption, whereas gifts donated had influenced Edward Zammit Lewis in his opinion of Yorgen over the 17 Black allegations. At the same time, Rosianne Cutajar who took a bribe from Yorgen Fenech and defended him in her official capacity as a Member of Parliament has the audacity to sue me in court for alleging that she had slept with her corrupt partner. Audacity indeed, only it is the boldness of a stupid sheep which may very well be slaughtered.

For your perusal, I will simply attach the lines of the criminal code which dictate the law on bribery and corruption. Let this sink in.

115. (1) Any public officer or servant who, in connection with
his office or employment, requests, receives or accepts for himself
or for any other person, any reward or promise or offer of any
reward in money or other valuable consideration or of any other
advantage to which he is not entitled, shall, on conviction, be liable
to punishment as follows:

(a) where the object of the reward, promise or offer, be to
induce the officer or servant to do what he is in duty
bound to do, the punishment shall be imprisonment for
a term from six months to three years;
(b) where the object be to induce the officer or servant to
forbear from doing what he is in duty bound to do, the
punishment shall, for the mere acceptance of the
reward, promise or offer, be imprisonment for a term
from nine months to five years;
(c) where, besides accepting the reward, promise, or offer,

the officer or servant actually fails to do what he is in
duty bound to do, the punishment shall be
imprisonment for a term from one year to eight years.

(2) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code or of any
other law, when the offence against the provisions of this article is
committed by a person who, at the time when the offence was
committed, held the office of Minister, Parliamentary Secretary,
Member of the House of Representatives, Mayor or Local
Councillor and the offence involved the abuse of such office, the
provisions of Title VI of Part III of Book Second of this Code shall
not apply to the said person or to any accomplice.

Click to access Criminal%20code.pdf

Crooks judging crooks

Photo courtesy of MaltaToday.

Despite being totally corrupt, Joseph Muscat tried to constantly keep up appearances and for a good deal of time, lied his way through successfully with the help of an effective and sophisticated propaganda machine. This time round, Robert Abela has no pretensions about the standards of government, cabinet and parliamentary group wallowing to the level of a wet pigsty full of shit.

Yesterday, Justice Minister, Edward Żammit Lewis of Ok ħabib? fame who also, previously consorted with Yorgen Fenech, handed down an official reprimand to his mate and co-conspirator Rosianne Cutajar, for also conspiring with Yorgen Fenech and receiving a bribe of around €50,000  disguised as a brokerage fee. This perfectly-crafted crooked set-up is brought to you by none other by the socialist government of Robert Abela in an innovative way of doing socialism by flagrantly making a mockery out of corruption and turning politics into a shit show. They aren’t even ashamed of their connections while revealing themselves for what they truly are: just a crooked gang of pigs in politics desiring to be mobsters. Rosianne Cutajar’s lawyer, is also Keith Schembri’s lawyer, Edward Gatt.

But when it couldn’t even get weirder the crooks continued to surprise us even further with their horrific low standards and piggish behaviour. Halfway through the proceedings, Żammit Lewis takes off his mask and tells his parliamentary colleagues that he has the flu as he wipes off his nose from whatever is coming out of it. “I try my best to keep up with my duties he says” such as hiding from justice behind the Justice portfolio, covering up for other political co-conspirator friends and just being a shameless representation of the rent seeking paradise.

Ok ħabib?

Hiding behind feminism

My dog is constantly soliciting my direct attention and food. I have to regulate the amount of food my dog takes since it doesn’t conceive of any limits to how much it can digest, and of course, I don’t reciprocate to every damn request my dog makes, even though I love it very much.

Rosianne Cutajar’s legacy: the Banana Festival of Qormi.

It is probably in this way that Yorgen Fenech regarded Edward Żammit Lewis and Rosianne Cutajar as they ingratiated before him for gifts, favours and potentially, also jobs. What was Edward Żammit Lewis thinking? CEO of Tumas Group after getting the boot from cabinet due to his stupendous incompetence? “I eat politics breakfast”. More like “I eat Joseph’s rejection for breakfast.”

All the corrupt actors of the previous Joseph Muscat administration are hiding behind good causes: in Rosianne’s case, it is feminism. There is, however, no amount of feminism that will change the history and past political actions of Rosianne’s which are the equivalent of the actions of a dumb little pig, to put it mildly. Even Hitler was vegetarian so who gives a fuck what Rosianne thinks about women issues? Local feminists ignore her while trying to avoid her as best they could. The press picks up her quotes cos she was involved in so much scandal that people read whatever she says, even if it’s totally dumb.

Żammit Lewis of Joseph, Friends and Co. fame claimed that Rosianne Cutajar paid the ultimate political price for her behaviour.  She paid jack. As of now, Rosianne Cutajajar’s legacy is her contribution to the mafia state and the Banana Festival of Qormi: subsidised by our taxes. If anything, Rosianne has a huge debt to pay back to the state. She is also a disgrace to feminism and most feminists think so too. Propping her up on Labour’s electoral house would be a display of shameless corrupt behaviour and impunity.

You don’t fight for your integrity. You either have it, or you don’t.


Beware of pigs bearing gifts

I love pigs and they are adorable creatures, but that doesn’t mean I am going to eagerly accept a gift from a pig. And surely, I am not going to share a pumpkin with it.

I am very cautious about reports that the government is working on an anti-SLAPP bill along with other reforms to “protect journalists”. We have a dumb village lawyer as Prime Minister who has shown total contempt to free speech and journalism by turning the Public Broadcaster into his own personal propaganda tool. The so-called “Institute of Journalists” is filled with Labour Party propagandists and supporters and shouldn’t be trusted to represent the press industry in such delicate matters. Lately, several pro-government propaganda websites masquerading as news websites have cropped up online and these are also fully subsidized by the government. I am sure that the owners of these websites are members of the IĠM. Government will easily use the IĠM’s approval to pass any laws which it would deem in its own interest. In this case, the government may propose a decent anti-SLAPP bill given it is being pressured to do so by the European Commission while using this event to amend the press and libel act in its favour.

In a recent exercise in the banality of evil, Robert Musumeci told Jon Mallia in an interview that he opposed the removal of criminal libel which we amended ourselves in the latest press and libel reform. Musumeci claimed that this situation does not respect the value of truth. Now, keep in mind, that Musumeci is still one of the government’s favourite pseudo-technocrats when it comes to draft laws.

And the elephant in the room is this. We have a Justice Minister, who colluded with Yorgen Fenech politically and even received gifts from him in the form of expensive holidays. Edward Zammit Lewis, ingratiated with Yorgen to the extent of betraying his constituents and calling them a Ġaħan. In reality, the joke is on him. Żammit Lewis ingratiated and grovelled so hard before Yorgen that he appears to be the Ġaħan himself in this story – a failed idiot sucking up to a business magnate for a job as he was rejected by everyone in politics. “He eats breakfast for politics”. More like a pig dressed like a wolf. And we are supposed to trust these people with a press reform?

Extended Version of Watsup Exchange between Edward Zammit Lewis and Yorgen Fenech. The exchange has some missing parts from Yorgen Fenech’s chats.

EZL – Bongu habib 06/01/2019 (18.14.10)

EZL – Int ok hAbib? 09/01/2019 (11.05.12)

EZL – Ok habib 11/01/2019 (20.00.00)

EZL – Ok habib? 12/01/2019 (18.19.24)

EZL – Bongu habib 15/01/2019 (07.44.07)

EZL – Int ok habib? 16/01/2019 (19.43.35)

EZL – Missing you 16/01/2019 (19.43.38)


EZL – Bongu habib 17/01/2019 (08.21.03)

EZL – Bongu habib 18/01/2019 (06.52.09)


EZL – Madonna kemm ilni ma Narak u ridt inkellmek ftit 18/01/2019 (07.58.24)

EZL – Kif int habib? 21/01/2019 (10.14.19)

EZL – Kif int habib 25/01/2019 (10.12.30)

EZL – Miss you 25/01/2019 (10.12.34)

EZL – All ok? 26/01/2019 (17.43.23)

EZL – Ok caro? 28/01/2019 (10.44.57)

EZL – Int ok habib? 02/02/2019 (08.50.36)

YF – Bongu habib kif int 02/02/2019 (09.47.22)


EZL – All ok int? 02/02/2019 (09.47.30)

EZL – Hsibt fik 02/02/2019 (09.47.32)

EZL – Ejja ha niltaqghu wahda issa 02/02/2019 (09.47.58)

YF – Hemm bzonn 02/02/2919 (09.48.08)

EZL – Int ok habib? 08/02/2019 (11.34.46)

EZL – Bongu habib 09/02/2019 (08.53.34)


EZL – Int ok habib 09/02/2019 (09.36.43)

EZL – Let us try to meet next week 09/02/2019 (09.36.49)

EZL – Int ok habib? 12/02/2019 (15.27.08)

EZL – Bongu habib 16/02/2019 (09.24.59)

EZL – Kuragg 05/03/2019 (09.46.45)

EZL – Meta joghgbok ibghat. I am always available 05/03/2019 (09.46.58)


EZL – Prosit habib 15/03/2019 (11.53.15)

EZL – Tell me and I come near you 15/03/2019 (11.53.20)

EZL – Prosit 15/03/2019 (12.01.42)

EZL – Kemm iccempel u nigi hdejk habib 15/03/2019 (12.01.49)


EZL – Just tell me 15/03/2019 (12.02.40)

EZL – And I will be there 15/03/2019 (12.02.44)

EZL – Bongu habib 17/01/2019 (08.21.03)

EZL Bongu habib 18/01/2019 (06.52.09)


EZL – Bongu 18/03/2019 (12.01.37)

EZL – Bongu 18/03/2019 (13.01.37)

EZL – Ok habib? 18/03/2019 (21.21.43)


EZL – Razzett Ghidli meta trid inhalli vojt filghaxija u noqghodu flimkien 19/03/2019 (11.30.44)

YF – Ghidli int siehbi 19/03/2019 (11.38.05)

EZL – We do during the week for example Friday 19/03/2019 (11.53.48)

YF – Meta trid 19/03/2019 (11.54.49)

EZL – We do it this Friday? 19/03/2019 (11.55.04)

EZL – Good for you? 19/03/2019 (11.55.08)

EZL – Int ok habib? 22/03/2019 (11.18.54)

EZL – Bongu habib 23/03/2019 (08.03.27)

EZL – Kellimni 23/03/2019 (13.05.52)

EZL – Ghax nowghod ninkwieta 23/03/2019 (13.05.57)

YF – Tinkwieta xejn siehbi ghax bully sa issa 23/03/2019 (16.16.37)

EZL – Prosit habib 23.03.2019 (16.16.46)

EZL – Hekk irridek 23.03.2019 (16.16.50)

EZL – Bongu habib 24.03.2019 (09.27.36)


EZL – Meta Trid niltaqghu ftit 25/03/2019 (08.18.40)

YF – Mal Mara ghandi naqa problems 25/03/2019 (09.06.41)


EZL – Sends image of himself and Rosianne Cutajar 04/04/2019 (11.44.32)

YF – Bongu siehbi XXXXX

EZL – Int ok habib? 06/04/2019 (12.59.39)

EZL – Answer me 06/04/2019 (12.59.42)

EZL – M meta trid nigi hdejk 07/04/2019 (13.21.18)

EZL – Nitkellmu ftit 07/04/2019 (13.21.23)


EZL – It’s nothing 08/04/2019 (20.00.25)

EZL – Pero oqghod attent li min Tafda mill PN ukoll hAbib 08/04/2019 (20.00.40)


EZL – Mels Int ghsndek il pesta 08/04/2019 (20.01.36)

EZL – Imma ghax kint inti qalbi dan kollu 08/04/2019 (20.02.12)

EZL – Illum baghtuli Jekk nafekx 10/04/2019 (21.36.06)

EZL – Kburi li nafek Jien 10/04/2019 (21.36.18)

EZL – Miss you 15/04/2019 (14.20.14)

EZL – Ok habib? 16/04/2019 (12.44.57)

EZL – Kemm jiena kuntent 01/05/2019 (20.03.12)

EZL – Li u answered me 01/05/2019 (20.03.16)

EZL – U ejja ilni ma Narak 07/05/2019 (09.34.12)

EZL – Arukaza 07/05/2019 (09.34.19)


EZL – Ghamel xi haga razzett nigu keoth u Jiena 07/05/2019 (09.36.22)

EZL – Nitkellmu ftit 07/05/2019 (09.36.35)

EZL – I miss u so much? 10/05/2019 (19.31.37)

EZL – Ok habib?10/05/2019 (20.24.13)

EZL – Miss u so much 10/05/2019 (20.24.22)

EZL – Ok habib 15/05/2019 (19.59.32)

EZL – Il politika b fast ghalija 15/05/2019 (20.10.17)

EZL – I do not have support 15/05/2019 (20.10.22)

EZL – Lili ma jrodunix 15/05/2019 (20.10.28)

EZL – Qatt ma riduni actually 15/05/2019 (20.10.37)

EZL – L laburisti 15/05/2019 (20.10.46)

YF – Taf li mhux laghqi Jien 15/05/2019 (20.10.50)

YF – Il bierah rajt differenza eXXX 15/05/2019 (20.11.53)

EZL – Kieku ma Kinitx il mara tlaqt Jien 15/05/2019 (20.11.56)


EZL – Imam ma nafx ghandix nibqa nibqa onestament 15/05/2019 (20.13.18)

EZL – M hux stmat 15/05/2019 (20.13.25)

EZL – U l injoranti Laburisti they underrate me 15/05/2019 (20.13.28)

YF – Skond min jilhaq 15/05/2019 (20.13.39)

EZL – I do not think I should stay 15/05/2019 (20.13.47)

YF – Skond 15/05/2019 (20.13.55)

EZL – Kollha qaluli li nkun ministru mill ewwe yors 15/05/2019 (20.13.59)

EZL – Kollha ghandkom bzonni 15/05/2019 (20.14.11)

EZL – Qatt ma Gejt umiliato daqshekk 15/05/2019 (20.15.34)

EZL – Nitkellum fuq leaders goffa 15/05/2019 (20.15.42)

EZL – Li nohodhom b fast fil politika Jien 15/05/2019 (20.15.52)

EZL – Ma gara xejn 15/05/2019 (20.16.13)

EZL – Tfal u pozi 15/05/2019 (20.29.55)

EZL – Political competence zero 15/05/2019 (20.30.07)


EZL – Imma Jekk irid il Laburist gahan 15/05/2019 (20.30.20)

EZL – Min jaqdih 15/05/2019 (20.30.25)


EZL – Int ok 15/05/2019 (20.40.26)

EZL – Ghax ghaliaj Int l importanti 15/05/2019 (20.40.35)


EZL – How are you habib? 16/05/2019 (15.42.06)

EZL – Bongu habib 17/05/2019 (10.28.34)

EZL – Kif int habib 21/05/2019 (10.12.13)

EZL – Miss you 21/05/2019 (10.12.34)

EZL – Kif inti? 25/05/2019 (20.44.50)

EZL – Bongu habib 26/05/2019 (10.38.23)

EZL – Kif int? 31/05/2019 (06.47.07)

EZL – Bongu habib 04/06/2019 (07.32.09)

EZL – Ejja ha niltaqghu ftit anke wahda wahedna r razzett 09/06/2019 (14.13.50)

EZL – Meta Trid nigi hdejk 09/06/2019 (15.22.18)

EZL – Ok habib 13/07/2019 (19.19.21)

EZL – Kif int) – 13/07/2019 (19.19.23)

EZL – ? 13/07/2019 (19.19.26)

EZL – Kemm nimmisjak 13/07/2019 (19.19.30)

EZL – Int ok habib? 15/07/2019 (12.34.25)

EZL – Kif int habib? 22/07/2019 (19.21.54)

EZL – Miss you 22/07/2019 (19.21.57)

YF – Siehbiiiiiii 02/08/2019 (11.18.12)

YF – Intik tghannieqa habnawguralek habib kemm hadd pjacir 04/08/2019 (08.38.39)

EZL – Int dejjem emmint fija 04/08/2019 (08.38.51)


EZL – How was your weekend? 05/08/2019 (10.10.50).

YF – Bully 05/08/2019 (10.14.39)

YF – YF sends photo.

EZL – Bellezza 12/08/2019 (21.47.02)

EZL – Hudni mijak 12/08/2019 (21.47.06)

YF – YF sends image 13/08/2019 (17.35.58)

EZL – Qatt ma tohodni XXXXX

EZL – Ahjar qijad mieghek 15/08/2019 (17.31.28)

EZL – Ok habib? 16/08/2019 (13.08.03)


EZL – Gejt naqra cruise mal prim Jien 02/09/2019 (16.44.30)

EZL – All ok? 02/09/2019 (16.44.32)


EZL – Int bniedem kapaci hafna 02/09/2019 (16.45.36)

EZL – Let us meet when I am back 02/09/2019 (16.45.43)


EZL – Bongu habib 22/09/2019 (08.56.22)

EZL – Kemm hadt pjacir Narak ilbierah 29/09/2019 (10.18.57)


EZL – Hekk prosit 05/10/2019 (10.39.13)

EZL – Hadt pjacir nitkellem mieghek 05/10/2019 (10.39.19)