Updated: Byron Camilleri denies he is Svetlick Flores’ cousin but doesn’t deny the rest of the story

Svetlick Flores

Updated: In recent comments published on Facebook, Byron Camilleri has denied that he is the cousin of  Svetlick Flores but didn’t deny the details of the rest of the story.

In the recent report about the case of sexual abuse by LESA employees on a fellow colleague, the press failed to mention that LESA CEO Svetlick Flores is Byron Camilleri’s cousin, the Minister for Home Affairs who is also responsible for LESA itself. Svetlick’s appointment as CEO came when Byron Camilleri was already the minister responsible for the entity.

As you can read from the report, the victim at LESA was fired and Svetlick protected the alleged aggressors by announcing an internal inquiry instead of immediately filing a report to the police. Public entities that hold internal inquiries on allegations of sexual abuse do so only to create a layer of protection for the alleged aggressors because the right decision when faced with such allegations is to immediately call for police investigations. It is not a coincidence that internal inquiries of these kinds often exculpate the alleged aggressor.

Indeed, Svetlick Flores seemed to have wanted to find a reason to fire the alleged victim as he also sought to cover up the case from going to the press. He has been bullying some LESA employees for a while now, acting in a way that he enjoys the protection of the Ministry and ensuring everyone knows he can not be criticised or challenged. Svetlick was worried that the case would somehow hurt his standing and reputation as CEO but this shouldn’t have been the case unless the alleged aggressors may be his friends.

In addition, Svetlick’s incompetence seems to be very public and apparent, so no wonder he may be worried about his reputation. LESA is currently under fire by the Auditor General for failing to collect a record millions of Euros in fines.

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  1. You forgot to mention how under his watch hundreds of tickets were ”cancelled” from the system. We still have no clue who they were but apparently have been politicians and other wannabe VIPs.

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