All is definitely not in order in the Magistrate’s Chambers

Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech

Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech’s court experts seem to be going out on a limb to make sure she projects a good impression of herself in the curious case of Keith Schembri’s mobile phone. One of her court experts, Keith Cutajar said that “all was in order in the Magistrate’s Chambers“. Well, I have seen photos of the Magistrate’s Chambers that definitely don’t show much order in the disorganised and random way piles of papers and evidence are thrown all together as if they were unimportant newspapers in a historian’s archive.

It is also bizarre that a Magistrate would clear herself by asking questions to her own court expert in her own court as he gave witness. The court experts are chosen by the Magistrate on the basis of trust and not expertise and the Magistrate communicates with them directly via Whatsapp – this is not irregular. What is irregular is that the Magistrate would use her own court expert in her own court to exculpate herself. The other court expert used by the Magistrate is Martin Bajada whose original appointment in court was controversial for his criminal record.

The Magistrate could have prejudiced a very important piece of evidence with her actions and it is only one of her many actions that make her unfit for her role. She may do even more damage if more high-profile individuals are brought in front of her court over money laundering charges.


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  1. So will an honest and real investigation take place into these serious allegations? And if this woman is found guilty..will she be disrobed and imprisoned?? Let’s wait with bated breath and see!!

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