What do these Labour bażużli have in common? They have both been fired from their post

Lionel Gerada

Last week, Lionel Gerada was demoted from the Malta Tourism Authority over his excessive and lavish spending on a party for MTA staff. In reality, Lionel Gerada who has a criminal history, also has a long history of corruption and rent-seeking at the MTA where he was responsible for allocating funds for parties and festivals. Lionel Gerada was subject to a Shift News investigation where journalists outlined in detail his repeated conflicts of interest and misappropriation of funds.

Here he is at the latest SIGMA event with another Labour bażużla, Tanya Borg Cardona. She was fired from the Broadcasting Authority after having been placed there by Keith Schembri but was forced to resign after she abused all the staff and the other board members, and made a total wreck out of the entity. With them is also Keith Seychell of Capo Crudo fame.

From left to right, Keith Seychell’s partner, Tanya Borg Cardona, Lionel Gerada and Keith Seychell.



  1. Are you sure though! He is still uploading stories about the setting up of that cashcow called Fairyland. If this is the case its even worse because this means that the CEO AND CHAIRMAN of MTA are allowing him to do something full time (the logistics of SIGMA – something that he made sure everyone knows) while being a director at the MTA! Imbaghad min vera jahdem u jistinka qed ikollu jitlaq mill-MTA ghax m hemm l-ebda sens ta tmexxija!

  2. What did these parasites ever do for Labour? Where were they during the 25 years when Labour was in opposition and many of us were facing discrimination and injustices. Probably they were cosying up and licking the arseholes of the the likes of Joe Saliba. These parasites personify what the Labour party really stands for today. It is riddled with turncoats, opportunists, incompetents and conmen of all sorts and sizes. Genuine Labourites never voted to end up with this scum.

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