Biden’s administration begins capitulating to Russia over Ukraine

The White House is beginning to show worrying signs of capitulation to Russia over Ukraine as it invokes the topic of negotiations instead of reiterating a total victory on the battlefield. This message which has been posted below follows the clear position by France and Germany that prefer for Ukraine to end the war with peace negotiations.

This is undoubtedly demoralising for Ukraine which is conducting extensive international lobbying efforts to receive the necessary weapons for a total victory on the battlefield. A sense of betrayal is probably, not missing either. Ukraine making peace with Russia now would mean that Ukraine would have to concede a significant part of its land to Russia. Russia invaded and occupied Ukraine’s territories in the East, apart from already having invaded and occupied Crimea.

Capitulating to Russia is not just a Ukrainian issue but also a European one. By encouraging Ukraine to capitulate, Europe is sending the wrong message that it can be bullied by a nuclear state, compromising in the process our security and international leverage.If we can’t defend ourselves against Russia, then truly what standing do we have internationally?

Let’s make it very clear. France and Germany feel like they are losing a war against Russia without having fired one bullet and prefer to capitulate. This loss and capitulation will be written in European history with great shame.

Europe may still have time to change course from this capitulation because Ukraine has shown no signs of capitulation and a new US President may have a different policy. US Republican nominee Nikki Haley has so far, presented herself as more hawkish than Biden on foreign policy.

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