With a little bit of fraud too

Lydia Abela

I’m blessed enough to have a community of readers who point out my oversights. Apparently, Lydia Azbela has also registered her Identity Card at their Xewkija property, but she doesn’t really live there because she lives at their villa in Marsascala together with her husband and child.

There are many reasons why Lydia Abela would prefer to declare her official residence at their Xewkija residence; either to make use of certain privileges granted to inhabitants of a residence in development applications or as a reader correctly pointed out, to make use of the capital gains tax exemption in case of selling the property (the sale of your first and only residence is capital gains tax-free).

Lydia Abela has for many years been used by Robert Abela to move around his capital even when Robert Abela was laundering money for Christian Borg, and the history of her bank account shows this clearly.


  1. I have a nagging question.
    You have been “alleging “ that Robert Abela, the Prime Minister, was/is involved in laundering money coming from drugs for ages now,
    What is keeping Abela from taking you to court?

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