Getting away with domestic violence

Adrian Delia

Here’s another politician who could get away with it and even rebuild his reputation on the back of the Nationalist Party after he had crashed his life in the most degenerate manner possible. When Adrian Delia was at the point of imploding his life with an immense amount of debt that he was accumulating unbeknownst to his ex-wife, Nicki Vella De Fremeaux, Adrian Delia entered politics and became leader of the Nationalist Party.

As soon s he became party leader, Adrian Delia went on a cocaine binge and committed domestic abuse on his family on a daily basis, both on his ex-wife and his children. Gradually, we all got to know about the extent of his debts which were most probably, also news to his ex-wife, and later on we also got to know that he was being bankrolled by her parents. So far, this story has been kept hidden from the public because the family court’s proceedings are secret, and Adrian Delia himself made repeated demands during the separation case to keep the proceedings secret, knowing very well that the details being indulged in the case would hurt his reputation. In reality, Adrian Delia did not deny the serious accusations of domestic violence made against him in court, and he even admitted to having ruined the marriage by cheating on his ex-wife as soon as he married her. Undoubtedly, Adrian Delia could not contest and push back against his ex-wife’s allegations of domestic violence because there are also recordings and evidence that prove her claims.

According to the law as it is, if the police encounter or receive any mere allegation of domestic violence, they are obliged to investigate without needing the victim to file a police report. Of course, Adrian Delia was never investigated for his acts of domestic violence, and these allegations, made in court, were allowed to be overlooked because Adrian Delia is a politician. In another country, this would have been a serious scandal.

And yet, this is only one of the many dark aspects of Adrian Delia and he has been allowed to get away with many other matters including the shady history of many of his financial dealings, the looting of the PN media arm by his allies, and of course, his links and history with Yorgen Fenech.


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