Who is pursuing Hamas for war crimes?

A recent image of Israel's Iron Dome hitting rockets.

The antisemitic left is up in arms against Israel, calling as usual for boycotts of Israel, the abrogation of the state of Israel, and the halt of the exportation of weapons to Israel. The IDF is also regularly criticised for its actions and its excessive force with recently the United Nations legal experts putting pressure on the IDF to conduct itself in a legal way while international groups like Amnesty International are accusing the IDF of war crimes.

It is reasonable and correct to hold the IDF responsible for their actions and enforce international law, but who is making sure that the law also applies to Hamas? There is no active and ongoing diplomatic and international effort to hold either Hamas leaders or their host and sponsor, the Qatari state, accountable for their barbaric actions. Hamas is still holding more than 200 hostages.

To call for a weapons boycott on Israel is the equivalent of saying that Israel should not be able to defend itself as a sovereign state. Since Hamas started this war on Israel on October 7th by executing an arbitrary and indiscriminate massacre of 1400 Israelis most of them civilians, Hamas has also fired unto Israel up to 9,500 rockets aimed indiscriminately at civilians and cities many of them at Tel Aviv. Up to 3,000 rockets were fired at Israel in the first hours of the war. Hamas even boasted with a propaganda video that it used water pipelines funded by the European Union to build its rockets, effectively leaving its population without a steady source of clean water.

Israel’s missile defense system called the Iron Dome, partially funded by the US is essential to prevent these rockets from landing in Israel. Many of these rockets fired also misfired causing civilian casualties in Gaza.


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