The Police told me to go and ask the Magistrate

Brandon Pisani

Today, I attempted to ask the Police some questions through their official channels. I assumed I would not have had a problem given that I was asking about the proceedings of an ongoing case in court.

Initially, I called Brandon Pisani the Police’s PRO who promised me I would be given permission to have answers by the relevant police officers. I complied with his request, trusting him in the process that the police would give me the information about the proceedings of the case.

They replied by telling me that I should refer the questions to the sitting Magistrate which is of course very inappropriate because the judiciary is not allowed to communicate with the public.

Of course, it’s useless to go to their official channels and I will never repeat the same mistake again. They wouldn’t have broken any rules or regulations had they replied to my questions so their denial is merely a show of bad intent and pure enmity for the press.

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