Miriam Dalli is confusing premium with “price stability”

Miriam Dalli

Minister for Energy Miriam Dalli replied to a parliamentary speech by Opposition MP Mark Anthony Sammut with a diatribe against the Opposition riddled with cliches and slogans including “peace of mind”, “state of the art”, and “we are doing even more” among others. She still can’t get into the mindset of a minister who is responsible for the most strategic assets of the country and still thinks exclusively in terms of a propagandist.

Nationalist Party MP Mark Anthony Sammut asked the Minister about how energy subsidies are actually being spent, to whom are they being paid exactly, and whether these subsidies are being used to pay for the government’s premium on its own gas purchases, and whether these subsidies are contributing to Electrogas’ profits. Mark Anthony Sammut also asked why the government is keeping its energy and electricity purchasing prices confidential including its gas purchases and the electricity purchases from Electrogas. Everything is shrouded in secrecy. Mark Anthony Sammut makes these questions at around 18 minutes into his speech.

Miriam Dalli replied to these questions exactly as she started her speech simply by saying that no one can guarantee price stability. But the question was not about price stability and no one ever mentioned price stability until Miriam did. Miriam Dalli is confusing “premium” with “price stability”. She’s either stupid or thinks that the Maltese are stupid: probably both.

The Minister should come clean about Enemalta’s finances, gas purchases, electricity purchases, the purchasing price of both, the so-called “hedging” contracts, and also an explanation as to why Enemalta is making huge loses while Electrogas is making a profit.


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