ELSA Malta seems to have difficulty finding lawyers to speak at its events

Edward Żammit Lewis

The European Law Students’ Association (Malta) at the University of Malta is redefining the meaning of “distinguished lawyer” by using it to describe Edward Żammit Lewis. Or maybe, it has now become normal to use the adjective to describe politicians who have distinguished themselves by their corruption. EŻL has also distinguished himself by promoting censorship and also, by being completely useless as the Minister responsible for AirMalta.

He’ll be teaching students how to take bribes and free gifts from murderous Maltese oligarchs when being part of the government.


  1. Perhaps the “distinguished lawyer”, having been for a number of years privy to government policy, will explain to his audience why seven years after Malta signed and ratified Protocol No. 12 to the European Convention Act, this protocol has still not been transposed into the Schedule to the European Convention Act, thereby denying people in Malta the opportunity of invoking it before the local courts. Is this a re-run of the “right of individual petition” debacle? Promised in the MLP Electoral Manifesto to the 1971 general elections, it was only days before the 1987 general elections — sixteen years after — that the then Labour government deposited with the Council of Europe the instrument granting people in Malta the right of individual petition.

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