Robert Abela is so stressed he isn’t even able to articulate his position

After using the war in Gaza as an opportunity to open a diatribe against European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, and after having been forced to sign a declaration against Hamas after refusing to condemn them when asked about Hamas in Malta by a Maltese journalist, Robert Abela is now unable to articulate his position on the war in Gaza.

Malta has led a successful proposal in the United Nations Security Council calling for humanitarian pauses to the war in Gaza, but not for a ceasefire. As the US government correctly points out, a ceasefire would mean impunity for Hamas and provide a one-sided solution to the conflict. Robert Abela is uncertain what the resolution contains and he is caught babbling things at random. Clearly, the stress shows on him, because right now he has other things to worry about that concern himself, his reputation, and his eventual dismissal from politics altogether.

According to Robert Abela, a humanitarian pause is the equivalent of a ceasefire, and a ceasefire is the equivalent of the end of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict altogether. I’m amazed at how he has successfully arranged the foreign policy lexicon to provide a very easy solution for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Incredible stuff here.

I have transcribed his position below:

I appeal for peace. I don’t agree that there should be humanitarian pauses, but there should be a humanitarian pause, and this is a position that I made in the European Council although the final text reflects humanitarian pauses, my position was humanitarian pause means permanent peace: halting the conflict once and for all. Humanitarian pauses are inviting you to stop today, and tomorrow you continue, that was the discussion we had in the European Council.

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