How does Robert Abela run Castille?

Robert Abela with FZL in 2018 (many of them ended up working at the OPM for him)

Prime Minister Robert Abela spends most of his time on himself doing barely any governance at all. During the day, when he is not managing his undeclared and ill-gotten wealth, he is mainly busy conducting propaganda. In August he takes a month-long holiday apart from taking other holidays during the year cruising the Mediterranean with his boat. So, who actually governs the country from the Auberge de Castille? You would assume, that given that Robert Abela isn’t doing his job, he has a team of super-bureaucrats and incredible technocrats who run the country for him, yet if this was the case, the country may actually be doing well.

So, when the exasperated feeling settles in that everything around you is collapsing, remember that this country is led by criminals helped and abetted by their opportunistic dilettantes. Imagine the most important and powerful executive entity in the country being run by some of the most unemployable people, failed government bureaucrats, and full-time Labour Party activists.

For example, Robert Abela’s appointee to head the civil service is Tony Sultana: the MITA Chairman who earned a reputation for disasters apart from abusing his position to defend the corrupt interests of Joseph Muscat when he fired the MITA expert who provided services to the Magisterial Inquiry on Egrant (Joseph Muscat’s attempts at money laundering).

Then there is Robert Abela’s Chief of Staff, Glenn Micallef, whose Personal Assistant has been involved in a recent scandal. Glenn Micallef spent his time during Joseph Muscat’s administration as a government diplomat to the European Union. He has no other meaningful work experience apart from working in the EU, so becoming Chief of Staff to Robert Abela was his first ever proper job in Malta.

Sharon Penza with Glenn Micallef (OPM Chief of Staff)

Robert Abela has two main consultants, but only one of them has actually any influence while the other one has grown into a depressed and lethargic state of resignation. Naturally, the former is his father, George Abela and the other is Louis Grech.

George Abela with Daniel Micallef


Louis Grech

The chief propagandist of Robert Abela is Aleander Balzan: he spent his life doing propaganda for the Labour Party and has no other skill other than reproducing blatant and simple propaganda. He is as dumb as they come and an excellent useful idiot.


Aleander Balzan

Then there are Robert Abela’s young servants, who campaigned for Robert Abela during his leadership campaign and all ended up being rewarded with government jobs or even lucrative public contracts.  However, apart from these young dilettantes, Robert Abela has plenty of other little helpers. Like David Bartolo and Kristen Bartolo (may be related), John Mifsud, Noel Mifsud, Rosanna Piscopo, Joseph Scerri and Sharon Cassar who are  Secretariat Officers (whatever that means).

David Bartolo


Kristen Bartolo


John Mifsud


Noel Mifsud


Rosanna Piscopo


Joseph Scerri


Sharon Cassar

Robert Abela’s appointee to head the government’s customer care (the corrupt system by which ministers can distribute favours in exchange for votes) is Owen Grech.

Owen Grech

Robert Abela even has “coordinators”, like Joseph Cassar, Michelle Scerri, and Taryn Jade Darmanin.

Joseph Cassar


Michelle Scerri


Taryn Jade Darmanin

He also has a Head of Events, Aaron Zahra.

Aaron Zahra

Robert Abela has some policy consultants as well, who supposedly draft government policy. These are Sean Schembri, Darryl Farrugia and Melissa Vella Buhagiar.

Sean Schembri with Tyson Fenech


Darryl Farrugia


Melissa Vella Buhagiar

Tyson Fenech is Deputy-Head of Secretariat

Tyson Fenech

Other members of the Secretariat Pool: Luke Mifsud and Nicholas Mamo.

Luke Mifsud


Nicholas Mamo

Then there is, of course, his Personal Secretary, Rachel Debono.

Rachel Debono

And also a Private Secretary: Alexia Gatt.

Aexia Gatt

Robert Abela even has his own messenger: Lawrence Mifsud.

Lawrence Mifsud

If you would include the OPM employees listed in this article, Robert Abela has at least 32 employees working for him at the Office of the Prime Minister. None of them are technocrats, Phds, successful bureaucrats, or entrepreneurs. For many of them, this is their first “proper” job.


  1. Insejt issemmi dawk il public officers fil-forma ta Segretarji Permanenti, Dirrtturi Generali u Direttur li jghinu biex issir il-korruzzjoni! Kollha saru laqa! Inkluz l-membri tal-PSC kollha ghoqda wahda, mafia shiha, biex jikkorrompu l-ezamijiet li jsiru fis-servizz pubbliku.

    Semmihom mhux thallihom jistahbew!

  2. Messenger Lawrence ‘Chocolate’ Mifsud is an eccentric semiliterate from il-Misraħ ta’ Ħaż-Żabbar. Co-ordinator Joseph Cassar is a lackey wannabe photographer with a gender dysphoria. What a farce!

  3. Dear Mark,

    I acknowledge your discontent with the current government; however, I must confess that articles of this nature only reveal your unmistakable bias. It’s important to recognize that these individuals are merely employees – no more, no less. They have families and friends and are not earning an excessive amount of money that would allow them to retire once this government is no longer in power. Articles like this demonstrate your lack of professionalism; if they consider seeking employment elsewhere, pieces like yours may impede their future prospects. Whether you’re pressed for time or simply a person with a negative disposition is unclear. Instigating animosity towards people you don’t know just because they work for someone you dislike, is truly disgusting. I assure you that many individuals in Malta with Ph.D. qualifications opt not to work for the government due to their salaries. In any case, one does not need a Ph.D. to be a messenger.


    • Preposterous.

      These are employees of the government working in the most important executive entity of the state. It is in the public interest to know who these people are. In addition, their qualifications and experience reflect the way the Prime Minister runs the country – out of sheer self-interest and without any goodwill. His team’s focus is mostly to campaign for him politically, set meetings, conduct propaganda, manage his corruption and dish out favours through corrupt “customer care” practices – all with public funds.

      People like you fail to understand principles of accountability and responsability which is often common in Malta in its infantile mentality. People don’t want to take responsability for their actions, even if it’s working for a criminal who is ruining the country and the Labour Party.

      Fuck that. Here’s some advice. If you don’t want your photo plastered on my website don’t work for the criminals ruining our country. Simple.

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