Playing dumb while covering up for the Labour Party and organised crime

Angelo Gafa

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa is not an ordinary cop. He was appointed as Police Commissioner to cover up for Joseph Muscat and ended up covering up for the Labour Party, abetting and contributing to the consolidation of organised crime and the collapse of the rule of law. The rot runs deep with Angelo Gafa’s office having covered up even for hard criminals connected to Robert Abela apart from extending the previous cover-ups of Pilatus Bank, Electrogas, Vitals, and basically all cases of corruption.

Angelo Gafa calls these allegations hearsay, but it’s not because there is a very long trail of paper evidence that shows Gafa’s constant and consistent cover-ups and deliberate disregard for the law, the judiciary, and other institutions. Incredibly fascinating. And he has the gall to go to Lovin Malta and lie unabashedly to the whole country by saying that the Police will always investigate without fear or favour according to the evidence it has.

And what happened to the much-anticipated interview of Angelo Gafa with Lovin Malta? Was that it? There are obvious reasons why Angelo Gafa chose to give his sterile and puerile comments, specifically to Lovin Malta, and not to another press organisation, but I am not going into this. Basically, Gafa is very much aware who are the press organisations that in the past or present made PR for the government.

What is more important is that in his “interview” with Lovin Malta, Angelo Gafa lies explicitly and blatantly when he says that the Police have always taken action according to the evidence they have were presented to them. This is a blatant lie in all the cases mentioned above. More specifically, Angelo Gafa is lying blatantly because he has had various reports calling for criminal investigations, including one by the FIAU on Roderick Galdes over his multi-million Euro real-estate portfolio, and another report by the Standards Commissioner over previous Minister for Education Justyne Caruana. Along with these reports, Angelo Gafa had clear evidence that he could have used to arraign people in court – he didn’t. Even more specifically, Angelo Gafa has been sitting on Roderick Galdes’ report for over a year by now.

On top of it all, Angelo Gafa is playing dumb and pretending that the police do not, in principle, have the responsibility to actively investigate and hunt criminals. On the contrary. Angelo Gafa’s statement is an admission that his police force does not hunt down organised criminals and corrupt politicians because they only take “action on the evidence that is presented to them” rather than pro-actively hunting down criminals and evidence.  You can’t get more criminal in the carefully adjusted statements by which you are giving carte blanche to Malta’s organised groups that basically have the benediction of the Prime Minister himself. Maybe, the reason why Ramon Mercieca hasn’t been fired outright and officially but is being forced to abuse leave privileges to stay out of work is because Ramon Mercieca knows a lot of things that can embarrass the police. So, maybe, he can relieve his predicament and depression by speaking up or turning state witness.

So, of course, Joseph Muscat wants Angelo Gafa to investigate him. He has been doing a very successful job in defending the whole political and criminal establishment. And there is much more to be revealed about the extensive cover-ups of organised and hard crime by the Police. The rot runs very deep.


  1. You can say that again, so true! Is this what we pay our hard-earned taxes for?! The police are an embarrassment to themselves!

  2. Nothing but a nest of incompetent corrupt supposedly law enforcement officals similar to the ones that abound in South America, led by a puppet police commissioner and a puerile Minister. Just consider the heavy handed tactics used by the police in Mosta against Andre Callus and other peaceful protesters. Consider the speed with which they carted of to court abusers of the Social service disability scheme. Truly an independent police force that does not discriminate between the weak and the mighty. But at least they gave us the police local community scheme..what ever that is?

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